WORLD.MINDS is an invitation-only community.

WORLD.MINDS is a community of leaders in science, the arts and business. We are driven by passion and curiosity. We strive for deep understanding and love new ideas. Our goal is to improve the quality of our decisions as private individuals, as role models and as citizens of this planet – and to inspire others to do so.

WORLD.MINDS is about the inspirational exchange of ideas. No political correctness. No ideology. No corporate small talk.

WORLD.MINDS meets once a year in Zurich for our closed-door Annual Symposium, and organizes several more intimate “Deep Dives” throughout the year.

community members
    • First-class speakers, a world of fascinating and eye-opening insights. One of my intellectual highlights of the year! Lots of brilliant people to get to know and discuss with. Compliments to WORLD.MINDS!
      Dr. Christoph Franz, Chairman, Roche
    • Of all the TED and TED-like events I have been to, I think that was the best. Really good meat in a really good sandwich.
      Matt Ridley, The Economist, author of NYT bestseller „The Rational Optimist“
    • WORLD.MINDS is indispensable to the intellectual vibrancy of our society.
      Prof. Dr. Gerd Gigerenzer, Director, Max Planck Institute, Berlin
    • WORLD.MINDS is unique. It’s is one of the smartest, most vibrant and most inspiring communities I know.
      Marc Forster, Filmmaker and Screenwriter, “The Kite Runner”, “Quantum of Solace” etc
    • WORLD.MINDS is a superb mixture of science, technology, society and culture. A Bay-Area event in the heart of Europe.
      Dr. Christof Koch, Chief Scientific Officer, Allen Institute for Brain Science, Seattle
    • What a great concept!
      Dr. Uli Sigg, Vice Chairman, Ringier Group, former Ambassador to China, Art Collector
    • WORLD.MINDS provided me with facts and insights.
      Prof. Kurth Wüthrich, Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry 2002, ETH Zurich
    • The evening was great. The presentations and the subsequent conversations were a pleasure.
      Prof. Ernst Fehr, Neuroeconomics, University of Zurich
    • WORLD.MINDS is one of the highlights of every year.
      Urs Wietlisbach, Co-Founder, Partners Group

We live in a world we don’t understand. We know more and more about less and less. We have hunkered down in our own silos. Nine years ago, a group of friends got together and decided to do something about that. It took off like a rocket, and the result is what is now known as WORLD.MINDS.

Today, we are an invitation-only community of 1000 high-caliber individuals who have made proven contributions in science, the arts and business. While we are still very much rooted in Switzerland – our tenth Annual Symposium takes place this year in Zurich – we wanted to reflect the increasingly global nature of our members. Thus, this year marked our transition from ZURICH.MINDS to WORLD.MINDS. It’s the same great community, just with a different name.


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WORLD.MINDS is an invitation-only community.
We do not take applications to join the community.

Unless you are an international scholar, do not contact us. We will contact you.

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