Arthur Nguyen

    Arthur is currently in an in-between year, working with a lab that studies action video games as training. He’s hoping to start a PhD in the area by 2019. He recently finished his master’s degree in computational science at the University of Zurich, with the last 7 months spent in New York for a project on the neuroscience of magic, then in Geneva with a lab of EPFL at Campus Biotech working with virtual reality and trying to bring engaging experiments to people, through immersion. He sees himself as living different lives: student researcher in cognitive science and computer science; amateur pianist, magician; enthusiast and creator of immersive experiences and alternate reality game; hyperactive project juggler eager to launch things, connecting people, or help out in others projects, from being a core member to being a helper on the day(s) of; and simply overly curious about people, what they do and why they do it. He’s happy now to be able to slowly connect all of this. In his free time, he does martial arts, climbing, hiking, improv theater, drawing things in 8-bit, and he likes to cook and to blend in the crowd when traveling.