• One of my intellectual highlights of the year!
      Dr. Christoph Franz
      Chairman, Roche
      Basel, Switzerland
    • Best event ever.
      Prof. Joseph F. Coughlin
      Director MIT AgeLab
      Cambridge, Massachusetts
    • WORLD.MINDS is indispensable to the intellectual vibrancy of our society.
      Prof. Gerd Gigerenzer
      Director, Max Planck Institute
      Berlin, Germany
    • WORLD.MINDS is unique. It’s one of the smartest, most vibrant and most inspiring communities I know.
      Marc Forster
      Filmmaker and Screenwriter, “The Kite Runner”, “Quantum of Solace” etc
      Los Angeles, CA
    • WORLD.MINDS is a superb mixture of science, technology, society and culture. A Bay-Area community in the heart of Europe.
      Dr. Christof Koch
      Chief Scientific Officer, Allen Institute for Brain Science
      Seattle, Washington
    • What a great concept!
      Dr. Uli Sigg
      Vice Chairman, Ringier Group, former Ambassador to China, Art Collector
      Lucerne, Switzerland
    • WORLD.MINDS provides me with facts and insights.
      Prof. Kurth Wüthrich
      Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry 2002
      ETH Zurich, Switzerland
      Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, CA
    • The density of fascinating people at WORLD.MINDS is unparalleled.
      Prof. Ed Boyden
      Neuroscience at MIT Media Lab and McGovern Institute
      Cambridge, Massachusetts
    • What an AMAZING community. Every step leads to another superbly smart and creative person.
      Prof. Christopher E. Mason
      Weill Cornell Medicine
      New York, NY

WORLD.MINDS is a community of 1000 individuals who have made proven contributions in science, the arts, business and government. We strive for deep understanding. Our goal is to improve the quality of our decisions as private individuals, as role models and as citizens of this planet – and to inspire others to do so.

WORLD.MINDS is about the exchange of ideas. No ideology. No corporate small talk.

WORLD.MINDS is an invitation-only community.

Executive Advisory Board

WORLD.MINDS is an invitation-only community.
We do not take applications to join the community.
Unless you are an international scholar, do not contact us. We will contact you.

WORLD.MINDS Foundation, Neumarkt 17, 8001 Zurich, Switzerland


    • WORLD.MINDS is a superb mixture of science, technology, society and culture. A Bay-Area community in the heart of Europe. Prof. Christof Koch, Chief Scientific Officer, Allen Institute for Brain Science, Seattle


    • First-class speakers, a world of fascinating and eye-opening insights. One of my intellectual highlights of the year! Lots of brilliant people to get to know and discuss with. Compliments to WORLD.MINDS! Dr. Christoph Franz, Chairman, Roche


    • WORLD.MINDS is unique. It’s one of the smartest, most vibrant and most inspiring communities I know. Marc Forster, Filmmaker and Screenwriter, “The Kite Runner”, “Quantum of Solace” etc


    • WORLD.MINDS is an intellectual oasis. In the desert created by a media monoculture that celebrates ignorance, cynicism, and negative-attention-getting behavior, it’s a community with a shared commitment to the pursuit of the common good and a shared belief that in this pursuit, ideas matter. Paul Romer, Nobel Laureate and former Chief Economist and Senior Vice President, The World Bank


    • WORLD.MINDS was fascinating. I learned so many things that I never knew when I was in power. Gerhard Schröder, Former Federal Chancellor, Germany


    • Of all the TED and TED-like events I have been to, I think that was the best. Really good meat in a really good sandwich. Matt Ridley, The Economist, author of NYT bestseller “The Rational Optimist”


    • WORLD.MINDS helped us to change Serbia in a significant way. Ana Brnabic, Prime Minister of Serbia


    • Best event ever. Professor Joseph F. Coughlin, Director of Massachusetts Institute of Technology AgeLab


    • WORLD.MINDS is indispensable to the intellectual vibrancy of our society. Prof. Dr. Gerd Gigerenzer, Director, Max Planck Institute, Berlin


    • I laughed, I cried, I feared, I loved. A lifetime contained within a single day, a high for the mind and the spirit. The incredible content, the people, and -- most of all -- the great values that govern your taste in being and thinking. One can sense the care and conviction which which you roam the world of the mind: it is most humbling. I felt at home. Prof. Neri Oxman, Architect & Designer, MIT Media Lab


    • The evening was great. The presentations and the subsequent conversations were a pleasure. Prof. Ernst Fehr, Neuroeconomics, University of Zurich


    • What an AMAZING community. Every step leads to another superbly smart and creative person. WORLD.MINDS is TED on steroids. Christopher E. Mason, Assoc. Professor of Physiology and Biophysics, Weill Cornell Medicine


    • There is nothing more perfect than a day at WORLD.MINDS. Dr. Rita Sigg


    • The density of fascinating people at WORLD.MINDS is unparalleled, and thus the connections are truly serendipitous and delightful. I learned so much about science and life, and the connections made that day will resonate for years to come. Ed Boyden, Y. Eva Tan Professor in Neurotechnology, MIT Media Lab and McGovern Institute


    • WORLD.MINDS is an eclectic parade of intriguing talks and people. Kristina Shea, Professor for Engineering Design and Computing, ETH Zurich


    • WORLD.MINDS: Fantastic choice of speakers, exciting discussion topics, good chance to meet people from different circles. I miss talking to smart people not focused on money all the time! Vladimir Kuznetsov, CEO, Kodori AG


    • WORLD.MINDS: Great food, great talks, a great venue, a great organizing team. Bravo! Dan Gilbert, Edgar Pierce Professor of Psychology, Harvard University


    • I love WORLD.MINDS. Wonderful people and setting. Great interaction with other attendants. I returned home energized to face new challenges. Mark J. Post, Professor and Chair of Physiology, Maastricht University


    • What an amazing day to inspire a whole year to come! Henning Hartnacke, President Flavours EAME, Givaudan


    • The fascination never dropped. Love the concept. Hungry for more. Ton Büchner, member of the supervisory board of Novartis, Chairman of Swiss Prime Site


    • WORLD.MINDS is a fantastic community. There were so many interesting people around, and I wish I could have talked to all of them! Prof. Laura Baudis, Theoretical Physics, University of Zurich


    • Great fun, great challenge, great presentations, great food for thought, great people, great event. Uwe Sommer, Upfield


    • What a great concept! Dr. Uli Sigg, Vice Chairman, Ringier Group, former Ambassador to China, Art Collector


    • WORLD.MINDS is interesting as well as useful for me. It provides me with facts and insights that I would otherwise have to obtain with more effort. Prof. Kurth Wüthrich, Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry 2002, ETH Zurich


    • WORLD.MINDS is one of the highlights of every year. Urs Wietlisbach, Co-Founder, Partners Group


    • An exceptional community! Alex Wassmer, Chairman and Delegate of the Board, Kibag


    • Talks ranging from mind over matter to dark matter…followed by enlightening discussions about everything in science and society that really matters – what a splendid community! Prof. Greta Patzke, Inorganic Chemistry, University of Zurich


    • Astonishing and inspiring presentations, world-class speakers and intense discussions make WORLD.MINDS one of the very few events I really don’t want to miss. Georges Kern, CEO,Breitling


    • There is nothing more inspiring than being with people who are passionate about what they do. Thank you. Prof. Raffaello D’Andrea, Mechanical Engineering, ETH Zurich


    • Food for thought at its best … and an exciting community. Riet Cadonau, CEO, dormakaba Holding


    • WORLD.MINDS is a most amazing experience. What a unique opportunity to meet fascinating people and be confronted with ideas that normally would not cross your way. Harry Hohmeister, Chief Officer of Hub Management, Lufthansa


    • WORLD.MINDS provided a unique and wonderful opportunity for the young scientists at my faculty to interact with outstanding minds that come from a different walk of life – and with whom they would hardly ever interact otherwise. The exchange of ideas between business folk and science folk was refreshing and enriching for all involved. Prof. Michael Hengartner, President, ETH Board


    • New insights, inspiring discussions, interesting people – an invaluable break away from the daily routine. Keep going! Prof. Lino Guzzella, Professor of Thermotronics, ETH Zurich


    • What a wonderful meeting of experts from so many fields brought together by Rolf Dobelli and his skillful team; we all learned a lot from each other! Prof. Helmut Bertalanffy, Professor of Neurological Surgery, International Neuroscience Institute, Hannover


    • Thank you very much for a great event. As it turns out, CEOs and scientists do admire and respect each other, and are keenly interested in each other’s work – but they just never get a chance to sit together. From my viewpoint, I can say that – besides attending elating lectures – I made the acquaintance of intriguing, passionate people. It was good! Prof. Adriano Aguzzi, Brain Science, University of Zurich


    • The evening was loaded with inspiration. So much information in so little time! The passion and dedication each speaker showed for his or her own theme and profession was amazing. One could feel how the audience was fascinated by the topics and speakers. I truly enjoyed being there. It was a most interesting, exciting, powerful and passionate evening. Congratulations! Tatjana Frey, Chair, Frey Charitable Foundation


    • WORLD.MINDS is great. Rainer-Marc Frey, Founder of RMF Hedge Fund and Chairman of Horizon21


    • I am deeply inspired by WORLD.MINDS. This is a total highlight of my year and I cannot thank you enough for having created such a prestigious community. This Brunner, Curator, Film Art Basel/Miami


    • WORLD.MINDS was a unique experience with a wonderful mix of talents coming from various industries, ranging from very young entrepreneurs to seasoned scientists. They all have one thing in common: Passion! Passion for what they do, passion for the way they communicate it. They definitely know why they are waking up every morning! I was honored to be part of the invited crew. Dr. Jean Botti, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, Royal Philips


    • A unique scientific and social experience that provides a fantastic opportunity to meet great and original people from different disciplines and different worlds. Extremely inspiring and entertaining. Prof. Dr. Isabelle Mansuy, Professor of Neuroepigenetics, University of Zurich


    • WORLD.MINDS is packed with fascinating input and highly enjoyable at the same time. It is the most inspiring event I have been to in a long time. Prof. John-Dylan Haynes, Director, Berlin Center for Advanced Neuroimaging


    • This is my most favourite event of the year. Nadine Balkanyi-Nordmann, CEO, Lexperience


    • It is food for brain, heart and soul – very inspiring. Prof. Thomas Gutzwiller, Business Innovation, University St. Gallen


    • WORLD.MINDS is a unique experience – refreshing and inspiring. Josef Felder, Independent Director


    • WORLD.MINDS was really fantastic. I enjoyed the talks and the discussions afterwards tremendously. The meeting was so well organized that I don’t think it needs any changes. Prof. Nenad Ban, Molecular Biology, ETH Zurich


    • WORLD.MINDS is incredibly inspiring. I appreciate the opportunity to speak with so many professors and people from academia – a truly catalytic gathering between business and science! Thomas Amstutz, CEO, Feldschlösschen Group


    • WORLD.MINDS is full of thought leaders from various domains – science, arts and business – who exchange inspirational ideas. A truly fascinating experience! Ivo Furrer, member of the supervisory board, Julius Bär


    • Thank you, WORLD.MINDS. It was one of the best events I have been to. Prof. Julian Savulescu, Bioethics, Oxford University


    • WORLD.MINDS opens up your mind. You discover areas that you normally don’t touch in business life. WORLD.MINDS takes you from the daily routine and powerfully redirects your thinking towards bigger perspectives. Urs Riedener, CEO, Emmi


    • If your interests extend beyond your own field, attending WORLD.MINDS is a must. Speakers were of the highest caliber, and the mix of topics was…very exciting, ranging from hard sciences and business to philosophy and art. I enjoyed it tremendously. Prof. Marc Pollefeys, Computer Science, ETH Zurich


    • So many new ideas and insights. This sort of dialogue between science, culture and business must continue. Prof. Mark Pauly, Computational Science, ETH Zurich


    • It was a fantastic experience in every sense. Improving it seems impossible to me! Prof. Cristina Nevado, Molecular Biology, University of Zurich


    • Thank you for organizing the fascinating WORLD.MINDS event. It was a pleasure to be there, and a wonderful experience to listen to such a diverse range of talks, and to get a glimpse into the minds and thoughts of many people with whom I would not normally have the chance to interact. I am really proud to be amongst such an amazing collection of people. And thank you for hosting such a great event – you have started something that is going to grow in prestige, visibility and stimulation! Prof. Ben Moore, Astrophysics, University of Zurich


    • Congratulations on this extraordinary and successful event! There was an enormous variety of speeches and participants. I truly enjoyed the evening and the inspiring ambiance. Prof. Axel Lehmann, CEO of UBS Switzerland and Member of the Group Executive Board of UBS Group


    • WORLD.MINDS brings leaders from science and business together in a knowledge-sharing environment. It's very innovative and refreshing. I also appreciated the additional perspective from the world of culture and art. I wish WORLD.MINDS a great future, and I am curious to see how it further evolves in the context of ideas, people, exclusivity and media. Dr. Ekkehard Kuppel, Founder, sum people


    • A great mix of exciting people. Great talks – short, to the point, and very interesting topics. I met people I never would have met otherwise. All in all a great community. Prof. Ursula Keller, Laser Physics, ETH Zurich


    • WORLD.MINDS sparks us toward lifelong learning and to include disciplines outside our daily routines. I was particularly impressed by the passion and intellectual prowess of the younger speakers. The insights I received at WORLD.MINDS left me a little less worried about the future of nature and society. Thanks for a very special community. Dr. Benedikt Goldkamp, CEO, Phoenix Mecano AG


    • WORLD.MINDS has delivered on its promise to bring together an interdisciplinary group of fascinating people in an informal, intellectually charged setting. Very unique! Daniel Aegerter, Owner & CEO, Armada Investment Group


    • A day with WORLD.MINDS stands out from all the ‘normal’ days. Thanks so much for the inspiration. WORLD.MINDS is fantastic! Pascale Bruderer, Board member of Galenica and former Chairperson and Speaker of the House, the Swiss Federal Parliament


    • WORLD.MINDS packs so many pleasures into one day: Great speakers, technical wizardry, and beauty for the eye and ear. I even got to fly like a (virtual) bird. The day was especially valuable for me as an American because I got so much feedback on my ideas from an international audience. Prof. Jonathan Haidt, New York University, Author of "The Righteous Mind" and "The Coddling of the American Mind"


    • I have never experienced an event like WORLD.MINDS before -- it was a stylish masterclass in science, art, and humanity. The world needs more of this. Absolutely spectacular! Omar F. Khan, MIT


    • WORLD.MINDS is inspiring, super positive and deep.
      Gus Wüstemann, Founder of gus wüstemann architects


    • WORLD.MINDS is fascinating and highly inspiring.
      Dr. Peter Wuffli, Chairman of the elea Foundation


    • Congratulations on an exciting and wildly successful WORLD.MINDS.
      Scott O. Mason, Partner and COO, EY Switzerland


    • WORLD.MINDS is delightful.
      Polina Anikeeva, Professor at MIT


    • Always better. Always reaching new heights. Always more mind-blowing.
      Beat Curti, Entrepreneur


    • Usually, events loose their fascination over time. At WORLD.MINDS, exactly the opposite is true.
      Bruno S. Frey, Professor and founder of the field of Happiness Research


    • What a treat WORLD.MINDS is. I learned a lot and enjoyed every minute of it.
      Petros Koumoutsakos, Chair of Department of Computer Sciences, ETH Zurich


    • WORLD.MINDS is truly unforgettable. I talk about it non stop.
      Ksenija Sidorova, one of the world’s best accordionists


    • Nothing could have prepared me for the excellence of the lectures and the high quality of all speakers.
      José Borges dos Santos Jr, Brazilian Ambassador


    • WORLD.MINDS is an inspiring firework of ideas. It’s perfect to connect with impressive personalities. I am thrilled to be part of WORLD.MINDS.
      Stefanie Bailer, Professor of Political Science at the University of Basel


    • I am very impressed with WORLD.MINDS.
      Geoff Mulgan, Director, NESTA UK


    • I am absolutely thrilled to be part of the WORLD.MINDS community. I love the vibrant spirit; you can almost touch the optimism, the limitless beauty of human ingenuity, the pursuit of good that connects and elevates us all.
      Effy Vayena, Professor of Bioethics, ETH Zurich


    • WORLD.MINDS is a unique and very inspiring community, sharing bright ideas which are able to shape the future.
      Prof. Roland Berger, Honorary Chairman, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants GmbH


    • I have seen my fair share of events all over the world, and WORLD.MINDS is up there with truly the best. The quality of audience, speakers and intimacy of the gathering is excellent.
      Richard Browning, Founder & Chief Test Pilot, Gravity Industries Ltd.


    • You have created something very special. WORLD.MINDS has a special warm and cosy vibe that I have never experienced elsewhere.
      Auke Ijspeert, Professor of Robotics, EPFL


    • WORLD.MINDS was above and beyond my highest expectations. Daniel Kessler, Managing Director, Boston Consulting Group


    • An amazing community and a wonderful opportunity to think outside the box. Prof. Ina Vorberg, Professor, German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases


    • As a scientist, I spend most of my time thinking about some very specific problems, dreaming of ways I might solve them. The afternoon with WORLD.MINDS was a fantastic opportunity to think about completely new things! Dr. Walker Jackson, Research Group Leader, German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases


    • At WORLD.MINDS science becomes art and art science. A big plate of mind and soul food and hands-on next-generation technologies. Deserves more X chromosomes in the community. Prof. Antje Boetius, Professor, Max Planck Institute for Marine Biology


    • WORLD.MINDS is the place where modern visionaries convene. A community at the boundaries of today’s culture. This is driving WORLD.MINDS: Not fame, nor money, nor titles. But people, passion and vision. Prof. Elisa Resconi, Professor of Experimental Physics, TU München


    • WORLD.MINDS has far exceeded my expectations. The presentations were outstanding, the mix of topics well-balanced, the location well chosen, the atmosphere comfortable, the food delicious, your moderation brilliant. Altogether a most enlightening experience! Prof. Ulf Riebesell, Professor of Biological Oceanography, Christian Albrechts University


    • The urge and passion in the presentations is contagious. Prof. Marc Alexa, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, TU Berlin


    • WORLD.MINDS is a wonderful source of inspiration. Dr. Gabriela Schaepman-Strub, Research Scientist, University of Zurich


    • I loved WORLD.MINDS and I can’t wait for the next event. It was a very mind-blowing experience. Dr. Andrea Macciò, Professor of Physics, New York University


    • I was really blasted by the inspiring environment, the people, the great talks, and the incredible intellectual inspiration I experienced at WORLD.MINDS. Prof. Heike Allgayer, Department Head of Experimental Surgery at the Mannheim Medical Faculty of University of Heidelberg, Germany; Head of the Molecular Oncology of Solid Tumors Unit at German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg


    • WORLD.MINDS is a firework full of inspiration, entertainment and emotion. Gus Wüstemann, Founder, gus wüstemann architects


    • Inspiring, passionate, lively, and powered by a generous sharing of ideas and insights: WORLD.MINDS was a memorable event in a perfect setting! Dr. Siv Bublitz, Publisher, S. Fischer Publisher


    • Exciting learning with a valuable takeaway: Real innovation and excellence can only be achieved when passionate individuals follow nonlinear and cross-functional approaches that allow for lateral thinking and creativity. Dr. Carsten B. Henkel, Chairman & CEO, Skyadvisory AG


    • Rolf Dobelli is an engaging emcee and a talented curator who manages to boil the Zeitgeist down to one terrifically interesting and entertaining event. WORLD.MINDS is as rich as a box of Swiss chocolates. Fred Guterl, Executive Editor, Scientific American


    • The spirit of WORLD.MINDS stays with me. I have encountered wonderful people. Laura de Weck, Playwright, Actress


    • I attend many conferences but have never experienced one quite like WORLD.MINDS! The diversity of information was terrific – from how to think and make decisions, to cutting-edge technology, to novel approaches for marketing luxury goods, to what it is like to play a 15 million dollar Stradivari cello (and the worries of carrying it on the bus or tram!). I am sure everyone who attended went home with new ideas. Prof. Roy F. Baumeister, Head of the Social Psychology Department, Florida State University


    • WORLD.MINDS was pure inspiration and enlightenment – a festival, a spectacle for all my senses! Anatole Taubman, Actor


    • WORLD.MINDS is a wonderful source of inspiration. Karl Spoerri, Founder, Chairman, Zurich Film Festival


    • The WORLD.MINDS meeting provided a refreshing mix of science, business and politics. What I liked most about this meeting was that young new talents were also invited. This created both a horizontal (different disciplines) and vertical (different age groups) integration of Switzerland’s brain power. I am looking forward to the next WORLD.MINDS. Prof. Ernst Hafen, Systems Biology, ETH Zurich


    • The evening was great, the insights inspiring, the presentations outstanding and the interactions enriching. Thank you! Thomas Frutiger, CEO, Frutiger AG


    • WORLD.MINDS is extremely interesting and rewarding. I am delighted to be part of this unique community. Prof. Bruno Frey, Permanent Visiting Professor, University of Basel


    • The intellectual depth of the great minds united at WORLD.MINDS is unique. Dirk Schütz, Chief Editor, BILANZ Magazine


    • I left with an invigorated mind, full of new ideas and eager to go for new things. And this was achieved while having a lot of fun. Thank you WORLD.MINDS! Martin Naville, CEO, Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce


    • WORLD.MINDS is both unique and essential! Prof. Yves Barral, Cell Biology, ETH Zurich


    • WORLD.MINDS was truly intellectually reinvigorating! Luca Marighetti, Group Head of Strategy, Zurich Insurance Group


    • WORLD.MINDS was a great experience and a lot of fun! I hope that such events will become an institution to promote the ‘no tie’ exchange of ideas across disciplines. Prof. Ben Schuler, Biochemistry, University of Zurich


    • Thanks so much. I received a lot of insight from so many different fields. Prof. Viola Vogel, Nanotechnology, ETH Zurich


    • WORLD.MINDS is the best evidence that intellectual standards are rising and that the general appetite for smart events is growing. Please, more of that! Finn Canonica, Chief Editor, Das Magazin


    • All that talk about the opportunities of re-wiring your brain and the need to do so: WORLD.MINDS is the place to actively go about it. Brilliant. Christoph Brand, CEO, Axpo Group


    • I experienced WORLD.MINDS as a groundbreaking initiative, where creative people from a wide variety of backgrounds come together to share knowledge, experience and energy. Nils Hagander, Founder, a-connect


    • I truly enjoyed WORLD.MINDS. I found it very stimulating and enriching. You managed to identify a group of excellent people – both on a personal as well as on an intellectual level. Prof. Nicolas Gruber, Atmospheric Physics, ETH Zurich


    • So much knowledge about issues you normally don’t hear about, combined with intensive discussions. WORLD.MINDS is a great thing. Prof. Peter Gomez, Chairman, SWX Group, Swiss Stock Exchange


    • Thank you very much for organizing this. I learned a lot from the talks and enjoyed all the interactions before and after the talks. I hope that you continue. Prof. Petros Koumoutsakos, Computational Sciences, ETH Zurich


    • I very much enjoyed the breadth of the WORLD.MINDS presentations. Prof. Lukas Keller, Evolutionary Biology, University of Zurich


    • WORLD.MINDS is a grandiose experience. The talks are inspiring and the ambience is out of this world. Congratulations! Dr. Daniel Kampa, Kampa Publisher


    • This was an exciting event! Congratulations. WORLD.MINDS will have a huge impact on the intersection of science and business. Prof. Dirk Helbing, Economics, ETH Zurich


    • WORLD.MINDS was an exciting forum to exchange ideas with a stunning array of scientific minds and business leaders alike. The speakers touching on diverse topics such as beauty and art, theoretical physics, and the complexity of the brain provided creative inspiration and motivation for the path forward in our own work. Todd Reichert, Engineer & Founder, University of Toronto and AeroVelo


    • WORLD.MINDS is both a high performance sport for the intellect and an inspirational entertainment on a high level – a community I wouldn’t like to miss out on! Dieter Ammann, Composer


    • If you think you have seen it all, come and join WORLD.MINDS. It will make you think again! Kai-Uwe Ricke, former CEO, Deutsche Telekom and Member of the Clinton Global Initiative


    • What a great event. WORLD.MINDS is intellectual chamber music at its best. Dr. Marcel Reichart, CEO of Digital at Bertelsmann


    • WORLD.MINDS is like diving in a pool full of high IQ-ed fish. Prof. Sacha Menz, Architect and Chair for Building Processes, ETH Zurich


    • A stunning collection of diverse, dedicated and dynamic speakers was something to behold! WORLD.MINDS created a highly charged, yet comfortable, environment where a free exchange of ideas resulted in one of the most enjoyable and stimulating intellectual events that I have ever witnessed. Prof. Nathan Luedtke, Chemistry, University of Zurich


    • WORLD.MINDS pushes you to expand your social and intellectual horizons, and it does so very well. You can´t expect more from an evening anywhere. Prof. Homayoun Bagheri, Biology, University of Zurich


    • Insightful presentations and discussions – an excellent opportunity to mentally break out of daily professional life. Dr. Thomas Buberl, Global CEO, AXA


    • WORLD.MINDS is an extraordinary experience. I still enjoy the afterglow. A big thank you for an exceptional meeting, excellent hospitality and organisation. Karina Wisniewska, Artist


    • WORLD.MINDS fascinates me for the improbability of its very existence. Werner Kieser, Founder, Kieser Training


    • WORLD.MINDS is an intellectual treasure trove. Carolina Müller-Möhl, investor and philanthropist


    • When singular glowing sparks unite to build a firework: To make culture visible and radiant you need passionate, free-spirited personalities with surprising ideas. Zurich found this with Rolf Dobelli and his brilliant WORLD.MINDS. Bice Curiger, Editorial Director, Tate etc. and curator of the Museum of Fine Arts, Zurich


    • A most intriguing and thought-provoking experience. Jacob Burak, Publisher, Alaxon, Israel


    • Wow, what an event – all senses taken care of: from science, to music, to neurosurgery and philosophy. Prof. Nils Thuerey, Computer Science, ETH Zurich


    • Brilliant. The questions and challenges which define our time. Dr. Martin Meyer, Neue Zürcher Zeitung


    • WORLD.MINDS provides a unique and invaluable opportunity to bring together different cultures: academia, the business world, the media and the wider community. It’s a true meeting of the minds. Prof. Andy Hector, Biodiversity, University of Zurich


    • Thanks for a glorious day of WORLD.MINDS. The program was packed with ideas (and facts – ideas without facts is not nourishing to me!) and the presentation was like Swiss clockwork, on time and smooth. The spirit in the room was very productive and lively. Keep it up; you’re on to a great thing. Prof. Daniel C. Dennett, Philosopher and Author of several New York Times bestsellers, Tufts University


    • WORLD.MINDS is fun. Because it teases…entices…and draws out the brain. We work for years, centered in our own careers and our own businesses. Rarely do we have an opportunity to find out what it going on at the edges of the intellectual world. WORLD.MINDS is an open door to the world of new ideas and new ways of understanding the world we live in. Bill Bonner, CEO, Agora Publishing, Paris


    • WORLD.MINDS is a community where you can discuss ideas and insights outside the daily business routine. Victor Aerni, Managing Partner, The Boston Consulting Group


    • I found WORLD.MINDS incredibly stimulating, it is an exceptional treat to get such a broad-ranging and high-quality overview of new developments in science and technology. I attend many conferences, but this is one-of-a-kind. Prof. Roel van de Krol, Professor and Head of the Institute for Solar Fuels, Helmholtz-Zentrum


    • WORLD.MINDS was an exciting forum to exchange ideas with a stunning array of scientific minds and business leaders alike. The speakers touching on diverse topics such as beauty and art, theoretical physics, and the complexity of the brain provided creative inspiration and motivation for the path forward in our own work. Cameron Robertson, Engineer & Founder, University of Toronto & AeroVelo


    • WORLD.MINDS has been mind-blowing indeed: World-class contributions from science, technology, philosophy, film-making and music exceeded all my expectations as they combined to emerge as a well-balanced mix, making for one outstanding event. Anatole von Lilienfeld, Professor of Physical Chemistry, University of Basel


    • WORLD.MINDS is inspiring. It takes us to areas and perspectives we would normally not meet in our professional lives. Prof. Wolff Schmiegel, President, Deutsche Krebsgesellschaft


    • If you want to broaden your mind and escape the daily grunt, then go to WORLD.MINDS. Emotionally engaged thinkers will instill you with awe! I went back to ‘normal’ life with renewed energy. Stefan Borgas, President, ICL


    • WORLD.MINDS is mind-resetting, mind-stretching, mind-pushing! Otto Schwarz, Chief Operating Officer, Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd.


    • Take the most inspiring people of our time and put them together – that is WORLD.MINDS. Ralph Langner, discoverer of Stuxnet and CEO, Langner Communications


    • Exceptional ideas, exceptional people – WORLD.MINDS is an exceptional community. Christian Dorer, Chief Editor Blick Group, Ringier


    • An absolutely inspiring event among stimulating people – thank you for the intellectual energy. Thomas Lustgarten, Managing Partner, Bain & Company


    • WORLD.MINDS is a fantastic experience. It embodies a new way of thinking. Ernst-Wilhelm Händler, Fiction Writer, Munich


    • WORLD.MINDS allowed me to discover an entire new dimension of inspiration. An awesome feeling! Pascal Fleury, Engineer, Google


    • It was a once-in-a-lifetime day for me. Prof. Yoram Barak, Clinical Psychology, Tel-Aviv University


    • What a wonderful event! Thank you so much for this fantastic invitation. I enjoyed the inspiring discussions, and it was a great pleasure to meet so many interesting people. Dr. Doris Agotai, Architect and Virtual-Reality Scientist, ETH Zurich


    • WORLD.MINDS is amazing: full of unforgettable and thought-provoking presentations. Dr. Hailey Gahlon, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Imperial College London


    • I feel very grateful to have had the opportunity to participate! This has been the most inspiring scientific meeting I have ever attended! Dr. Andreea Diaconescu, Postdoctoral Cognitive Neuroscientist, University of Zurich


    • WORLD.MINDS was a crucial factor in leading us on this amazing adventure, and we are so very grateful to you for the speaking slot. In the discussion breaks, we met many people who were excited about the product and interested to see how it would help them. Saee Paliwal & Dan Neil, Co-Founders, Ponder


    • Quite an incredible community. Thanks so much for inviting us ‘Rookies’! It’s a wonderful way to tell people about what you’re doing, and to gain ideas and insights for the future. It was great to meet so many interesting people and to be able to talk to them in such a uniquely informal setting. Dr. Sergei Lupashin, Founder & CEO of Perspective Robotics


    • Thank you for putting together such a wonderful meeting – a unique way of bringing scientists and business people together to learn from each other. WORLD.MINDS was an unforgettable event and a great success. All the best and a long life to such a brilliant idea! Dr. Radja Boughezal, Theoretical Physics, University of Zurich