WORLD.MINDS Rundown of the Day Annual Symposium

There will be 3 sets of talks – 2 breaks in between, of 30 minutes each.

The last set ends at 7:40 pm – after Dan Gilbert’s talk. After that: we’ll have a flying dinner and fun.

When should you grab your headset? For those of you in the first set (that’s Sara, Vladimir, Lionel, Alessandro, and Mark), get your headset by 12:30 latest – over by the technicians. If you are in the secondor thirdset, get your headset during the break before it’s your turn. So, Chris, Vanessa, Miro and Ed, you are speaking in the second set– you will pick up your headset by 15:00. Kristina (Gerhard Schröder) and Dan, you are speaking in the third set, you pick up your headset by approx. 18:00.

Before you put on your headset: take off your badge– you’ll look nicer on stage.

Once you are miked up, you’ll be sitting with me on this sofauntil it’s your turn.

You will find bottles of water by the sofa. Take a lot of sips just before you get on stage. You might be a bit nervous, and it helps you calm down and not have a dry mouth. There will be no glass or bottle on stage.

We will also have sandwiches and delicious Lindt chocolate by the Speaker’s Sofa– to get your blood sugar up.

When the speaker immediately before you gets on stage, you walk over to the technicians. They will check your headset one last time, make sure the color of your shirt looks nice, give you water. YES, again, drink water before you get on stage. All too often speakers have a dry mouth. So drink up!

BTW:There will also be a powder-person who, if you’d like to, will do something to your face so you look even prettier than now.

When it’s your turn, I will introduce you. People will applaud. Then you step on stage. I’ll hand you the clicker. Smile & be confident, and launch right in your presentation. Don’t say: “It’s my pleasure…” or something similar. Just launch right in your presentation.

When you give your talk, please stand on the big red dot for best light. There will be no lectern.

On stage, you will see two screens at the bottom in front of you. One with your presentation-slides, the other counts backwards. PLEASE do not turn your head away from the audience, don’t look back to the big screen, use the monitor in front of you. Believe me, it shows exactly what’s on the big screen behind you. And don’t look down all the time to the monitors. Just look into the audience.

Don’t touch the head of the mic.

One thing about the clicker. Click, then wait a second. Our clicker has a bit of a delay. It does exactly what you tell it to do, but it has a reaction time! So don’t get nervous if it doesn’t react to the split second.

Please make no reference to the previous speakers. The online viewers of your video will be confused. And remember, you have an audience at least 100 times, sometimes 1’000 times larger on the internet than in here.

By the way, if you go over time, you’ll hear a “coughing sound”.

After you are done with your talk, people will applaud. Enjoy it. Take it. Stay on stage. Don’t dash away. Eventually, I’ll come up on stage, ask you one or two questions (if we have time), you hand me the clicker, and then one of our volunteers will hand you a huge box of Lindt chocolates. It’s an old tradition.

The main speakers – with speaking times of 8 minutes or longer –will receive a second thank you present: A Breitling watch from their latest collection. The CEO and owner of Breitling (Georges Kern) is a huge fan of WORLD.MINDS, and he insists on handing out watches. It’s a really, really nice gift! (I wish I could give a talk, too).

Some organizations have compliance guidelines. You can always give the watch back to us (and we’ll confirm this in writing that, in fact, you have given it back to us). Or you can take it back to your organization and use it as a bonus in your team. Or you just keep it, because you deserve it. You decide how to handle it. At any rate, please take the gift, accept it on stage. It would be awkward to refuse. We will not film the part where you will receive the watch.

On top of the chocolate and the watches, women also receive flowers. We know, you only have two hands. So to the women (Sara, Vanessa and Kristina and Alita): We will hand you the watch and the flowers on stage. The chocolate you will get later in the speakers’ lounge.

After having received all these nice gifts you step down and drop off your headset with the technicians. Come back to the sofa, relax and enjoy the other talks. You are done!

If you need anything during your set – be it before or after your talk – just signal it to me. I will be sitting with you on that sofa.

If you are NOT speaking during in that particular set, feel free to sit anywhere.

Swiss National Television (that’s the BBC of Switzerland) will do a professional high-quality recording of your talk. The video will be uploaded to Swiss Television, our website and YouTube. Of course, you can also use it for your own website and for other outreach activities. Again, that recording will never include the chocolates, flowers or the watches, nor do we usually include the Q&A. It’s all about your talk.

During the day, each of you is paired-up with a host – a „holding hand“, a friendly volunteer. We will pair you up with your host tomorrow.

We will be through with all the presentations and talks by 7:40pm. After that, we’ll serve a flying dinner with wine. If you’d like to party on after dinner, we reserved a few tables at the James Joyce Bar right around the corner.

That’s really it! Just remember: the audience will be extremely sympathetic towardsyou. They want you to do well. They love you and appreciate all the work you have put into your research, your art and your presentation.

Thank you all so much for submitting your slides. They are being transferred to the presentation server for the big day. So, from this point onward, we cannot take any changes to your presentation. Which is good: you should be enjoying the evening and get a good sleep afterward – not thinking about which word to tweak on your deck of slides. Relax: It’s all going to be fine.