FW de KlerkFormer President of South Africa
Recipient of Nobel Peace Prize
Chairman, Global Leadership Foundation

    FW de Klerk was President of South Africa from 1989 to 1994, during which time he initiated and presided over the inclusive negotiations that led to the dismantling of “apartheid” and the adoption of South Africa’s first fully democratic constitution in December 1993. He entered national politics as a Member of Parliament in November 1972. Before becoming State President, he held the following portfolios within the Cabinet: Mineral and Energy Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications and Social Welfare and Pensions; Sport and Recreation, Mining and Environmental Planning, Internal Affairs, Public Service, and National Education. He also served as Chairman of the Minister’s Council in the House of Assembly and Leader of the House of Assembly. Having been chosen as the leader of the National Party in February 1989, he became State President on 20 September 1989, a position he held until Nelson Mandela’s inauguration as President on 10 May 1994. In January 1999, he published his autobiography “The Last Trek – a New Beginning”, and in the same year established the F W de Klerk Foundation, which is dedicated to the promotion of peace in multi-communal societies and the upholding of South Africa’s constitution. He founded the Global Leadership Foundation in 2004 and is the Chairman of the Board, and has represented GLF in meetings with leaders of nine countries in Africa, South America, Europe, Central Asia and South East Asia.He makes numerous speeches around the world and actively participates as an elder statesman in international conferences on the promotion of harmonious relations in multi-communal societies, the future of Africa and South Africa and the challenges facing the world during the new millennium. He has received numerous national and international honors and honorary doctorates, including the Philadelphia Peace Prize and, together with Nelson Mandela, the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993.