Joël MesotPresident, ETH Zurich

    Joël Mesot is the President of ETH Zurich. Prior to this, he was the Director of the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) in Villigen since 2008. He holds a joint professorship in physics at ETH Zurich and EPF Lausanne. He grew up in Geneva and studied physics at ETH Zurich, obtaining a doctorate in solid-state physics in 1992. His main research interests are in the field of strongly correlated materials exhibiting close bonds between electrons, spins and lattices, such as superconductors, metal oxides and quantum magnets. In 1995 he was awarded the IBM prize of the Swiss Physical Society for his research work, and the Latsis prize of ETH Zurich in 2002. After periods spent in France and the USA, he returned to ETH Zurich and joined PSI, where he became Head of the Laboratory for Neutron Scattering in 2004. Joël has also been a member of the ETH Board since 2008. French is his mother tongue, but he also speaks fluent German. Under his leadership, the Paul Scherrer Institute has further strengthened its standing as one of Switzerland’s leading research centres for the natural sciences and engineering.